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“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.”

-Malala Yousafzai

The Angelica

Women helping girls be great.

Our mission

The Angelica Institute’s mission is to provide an environment that empowers young women to develop a foundation in computer science and software development, preparing them for technology-intensive careers to achieve their full intellectual and financial potential.


The Angelica Institute differentiates its offerings from other programs by providing schools and teachers with a complete set of lesson plans that are aligned to national computer science standards. Students are exposed to lessons that are age-appropriate, and they will progress through the program only if mastery of the lesson’s objectives is achieved.

The Angelica Institute

The Angelica Institute (TAI) provides

a straightforward opportunity

for women to start their own small business 

teaching middle and high school girls foundational skills in software development 

while providing a safe and fun environment

to build relationships, push boundaries and develop confidence.

Our Goal

Curriculum and instructors of The Angelica Institute adhere to teaching best practices in middle and higher education, but most importantly, they bring into existence and maintain an environment that is supportive, conducive and safe for diverse female learners. It is the goal of The Angelica Institute to attract and retain both students and instructors with diverse backgrounds into the fields of computer science and computer science education.


As students demonstrate mastery of the content, they are “certified” prior to entering the next level. It is the intention of The Angelica Institute to develop students who are both college-ready and industry-ready in the fields of technology and computer science. Future employers of students who progressed through The Angelica Institute can count on the quality of computer science instruction that students have received.

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