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The Creators


Barbara Morrow

Barbara Morrow is a middle and high school educator of twenty four years, with an MEd in Science in Inquiry-Based Education. She has encouraged students (especially young women) to participate in extracurricular STEM activities throughout her teaching career. Having twice received the prestigious Lemelson MIT Excite (Teaching) Award, the Pam Wilson Endowment Grant, Middle School Teacher of the Year Award, and two Arts and Science Council Grants, Barbara brings her passion for learning into the lives of the young women with whom she works. Recognizing the need for expanding an extracurricular environment for middle school girls to express and grow their interest in computer science, introduced girls' coding and STEM programs at Charlotte Latin School, which she has advised for the past six years. In this program, Barbara encouraged and recruited the help of high school students and provided them leadership opportunities of mentorship with the younger students. Additionally, for the past twenty years, Barbara has been heavily involved in the writing of high-stakes End of Grade/Course assessments for over twenty-five states in the United States. This also included writing the assessment for the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) for numerous years, as well as the online Science ERB Assessment. In 2010, Mrs. Morrow’s curriculum-writing experience was utilized to write lessons for the U.S. Department of Defense Army Educational Outreach Program (eCYBERMISSION) that are utilized by teachers across the United States and military bases abroad. Finally, Mrs. Morrow is noted for the consistent refinement of the curricula utilized in both her Science and Girls' Innovation and Design courses.


Shira Bordoloi

As a wellness vendor for the New York City Department of Education, Shira has implemented programs at more than 150 public and private schools and has worked with thousands of students, faculty and administrators. She has a degree in Business Administration from Baruch College and is also an AFAA-Certified Group Fitness Instructor. Her first foray into teaching a computing class was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time because she had no prior experience teaching Scratch. However, she coached an award-winning team and discovered how empowered young girls felt by learning foundational software development skills. Shira partnered with Barbara to launch The Angelica Institute in 2020 with the goal of providing young girls the inspiration and confidence to achieve highly paid and impactful careers in software development and technology entrepreneurship.

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