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The Angelica Institute’s programs were designed to reach students during their middle school years. Our computer science and programming classes are collaborative and partner-based, and lessons introduce students to a diverse range of inspirational people in computing and technology.



Further benefits for homeschool kids include:

  • Fun, cooperative lessons that are interactive, full of variety, and educational for all types of learners

  • Courses designed to develop leadership and communication skills that they can apply to any career path while also nurturing the confidence to grasp and execute coding concepts 

  • Robust curriculum aligned with numerous national standards (and therefore eligible for high school computer science credit) and opportunities for internships beginning in 10th grade

Additional benefits for homeschool parents include:

  • Personalized support and training as well as structured, step-by-step lesson plans so that you can schedule and facilitate your own classes with 5-12 learners (or find a class that your child can simply join!)

  • Income-generating potential while opening a career path for your child (no experience necessary to teach)

  • Access to a community of entrepreneurial parents and teachers with whom you can share ideas and network

Our programs are incredibly convenient for parents and you will witness firsthand your child’s growth and success starting with the very first 90-minute lesson.

How to take part

​in a course offered by The Angelica Institute:

  1.   Register for                                   already scheduled at one of our partner schools 

   2. Register for a scheduled 

   3. Create your own “Institute” -- you control when and where you learn! Use our step-by-step facilitator checklist and   personalized guidance to compile a group of 5-12 students in Grades 6-10. Facilitator earns 50% of class fees. Contact                                                                                                to get started.

Each TAI course consists of five 90-minute lessons. The fee is $295 per student.

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