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Impressions and Possibilities

provides opportunities to young women in underprivileged communities.

utilizes 10% of all membership dues to fund scholarships.

encourages teachers to offer at least one scholarship for every 10 program participants.

The angelica Institute


Abbie Cochell

​Assistant Electrical Engineer at Burns & McDonnell 

"With my growing interest in STEM throughout middle school, I would’ve loved a program like this to expose me to the world of coding. Even as an electrical engineering major in college, coding has always been one of my weaknesses. A program like this could have prepared and given me the tools for success in my future courses. Girls today are so lucky to have a coding program like this."


Hailey Richie

Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Abbott

"I would have loved a program like this one that empowered and taught me to code with other girls my age. A foundation in coding would have opened so many opportunities both in college, and my career options!"

Do you...

  • love making a difference in the lives of children?

  • have a little "down time" in the evenings, on weekends, or over the summer?

  • want to generate additional income?

  • believe that women are underrepresented in high paying technology fields?

  • feel that we can shift the gender gap and change the future? 

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